In Satan's Claws

by Heretic Rites

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Skyler Isaac
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Skyler Isaac Doom metal that is completely satisfying, addictive and mesmerizing. Reminiscent of the greats. Definitely buy this one. Favorite track: Boot Knife Sacrifice.
Matthew Rukgaber
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Matthew Rukgaber Rather primitive old school doom. Tortured moaning vocals and music that is somewhere between late 70s proto-metal and early 80s doom. That cover art sums up what you are getting entirely. Gnarly, evil...Serbian?...doom. Favorite track: Holy Place.
Misfit1969 thumbnail
Misfit1969 I love the raw, garage sound of this band. They are heavy and doomy, things that make me go hell yeah!The vocals may be growing on me..... Favorite track: Holy Place.
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released March 17, 2016



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Heretic Rites Ratkovo, Serbia

Heavy Doom Rock band from Serbia.

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Track Name: Acid Wrath
Mind slowly rotting away
Thoughts infected by hate
Sucked into obsessions
Submit to the Devil

Heavy music, hard drugs
Have to complete my evil tasks
Hearing voices, tripping hard
Throwing sanity into the fire

It's what I want and I'm possessed
I'd like not to care but I'm insane
When I collapse, your life shall too
Breathing is too kind for someone like you

Forest is more attractive by night
Come and release me from voices inside
I'm dying to see you fucking die
Won't you accept my invite?

Pretty sure you like my company, well I like your smile
So drugged up you don't even know what's up
Crows flying across the sky, it all looks like a bad sign
To see your blood running free the time has come

From cradle I've been surfing on a razor's blade
Hate is the most precious thing I've ever had

Sitting in front of you yet in frenzy I shake
Can't wait to show you how real is hell
Track Name: Boot Knife Sacrifice
Towards the leader's desert grave
Devils ride for he's the one to be raised
And when the motors' cry is still
The unholy ritual can begin

Their eyes gleam but not of dopesmoke
It's the ritual flames that steal the souls
Push the whore in the circle's centre
Spill her blood, no mercy whatsoever

Baby, this is your final night
Won't you show how loyal you are?
In my boot hides a real good knife
Your neck, darling, it will carve

Heretic Reign Ressurection rite!
Boot Knife Sacrifice!

Eye patched bastard starts to laugh
Iron cross covered in blood
Summon back the corpse of Magoo
With Satan's blessing, a sadist so pure
Under full moon's blaze, leather shines
Gang heading to rob you of your life
1%er scum, back from the dead
Rules the highways beyond the grave

Knife turning in your skull!
Track Name: Return to the Castle
When the rain is falling and the night is cold
And all the village houses gates are locked
When people are scared and only screams can be heard
Where I once spread the horror, I've returned

My castle's chambers remained the same
And victims' fathers didn't dare to desecrate
Nothing has changed, not even the war you've won
Caused crooked cross flag above my coffin bed to get torn

Fog infested, barbed wire domain
Castle hides so many deaths
Tired of chicken blood
Vampire hunger never satisfied

Baron's sadistic rites
Families torn apart
Bodies bled and dried
In the dungeon lie

Return! Return to the Castle
The curse! The curse off Vampire
Return of the one you despise the most
Revenge from the dark past

Time has come to celebrate
First night of my renowned terror reign
And I'm creeping, by blood lust led
To eat your fucking children again
Track Name: Holy Place
February eve, her evil death
Father's angel, temptress to others
Into the chapel, had to held rites
Over her cursed catafalque

Second night, my hair turned grey
Wicked beauty, I'm getting insane
Laying dead, looking so alive
Pray to heaven she stays like that

But her colorless eyes are gazing at me
And her chapped lips in tongues are whispering
Come closer she said coffin's open for a reason
Found myself giving death a kiss, oh lord

You crushed my mind, witch, took away my pride
On holy cross I have turned my back
To live a life beyond all laws but love
Where I only need more of all that's yours

Possessed, I denied god's name
We left the church in flames
And there I stood without fright
With Satan's daughter in my arms!