Hiding Is so Futile

by Heretic Rites

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Skyler Isaac
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Skyler Isaac Heretic Rites is one of my favorite doom metal bands out there. Fans of the genre will absolutely love this one. Favorite track: Children of the Zone.
Old Man Doom
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Old Man Doom Нашао сам ово у току претраживања колекцију туђи. Добро срање. са неким великим рифове. Могу да замислим да сам играо ово на улицама Србије да ће сви пилићи буду постројени чекају да ми попушиш. Favorite track: Hiding Is so Futile.
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Misfit1969 The vocals sound the same (they use the same effect) on every song but I can live with that since the music is super heavy. Good stuff from Serbia! Favorite track: Hiding Is so Futile.
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released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Heretic Rites Ratkovo, Serbia

Heavy Doom Rock band from Serbia.

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Track Name: Hiding Is so Futile
Of all the gangs, he chose Adam's
Now he leads the pack in the name of Satan
Barren wastelands, where they ride
High on hatred, fearing none

Chosen ones
Wretched outlaws
Fiends's voice
Their bikes' roar

Lust to rape and kill, set a fire and rob
For their wicked master and his two horns
Don't cross their way, stay home instead
When the howls of the pack start to echo in the night

Devil's nomads
Hiding is so futile
Hellriders of doom
Coming right after you!
Track Name: Children of the Zone
It's day again and we're living on borrowed time
We'll chase our dreams until we die

The ones with Devil's stars and circled A
Stay away from them is what they always say

Misanthropes by some, godless scum by others
I feel nothing inside but a lust for vengeance

I bet you're getting out of hope
Your world isn't so strong anymore

And God you worship is finally gone
This place is hell and it's called the Zone

It's day again but this time sun won't rise
Hear and spread the words of Heretic Rites!
Track Name: Sell Your Soul
Would you sell your soul?
Chained to the altar yet free
Would you sell your soul?
Down here with me, to Him

Let it burn your mind
Until you start to feel love
Let it burn your mind
Death isn't such a price

Down here with me
Dressed in black
Succumb to sin
As the blood starts to seep..

Take a look into our eyes
We're shackled yet free
Take a look into His eyes
Down here, look together with me...

Would you sell your soul?
Track Name: Beneath the Chapel
Show me the place where freedom sleeps within
Take me to the ruins among the graves hidden
I'll pay with gold, take whatever you want
Just let me see those crypts of the old

How long are those trees dead?
Can you hear something eating through them?
I'm not sure anymore but I'm not afraid
The candles I brought are black as you said

I feel the cross is staring at me
Or is it just some bird on it?
Now i promise I won't ask no more
But must we go down below?

Hooded figures are waiting me
Goat's night of sin it is!

Smoke fills the ruins, I accept thee
I've lost all yet I am free!

Hooded figures are waiting me
Goat's night of sin it is!